Eagles Soar Past the Aggies

Picture of Kevin K-13 fielding a hard-hit ball at third base.  Photo taken my Michigan Sports Scene

Picture of Kevin K-13 fielding a hard-hit ball at third base.
Photo taken my Michigan Sports Scene

The poor aggies of Dansville were walking into a slaughter as soon as they got off the bus. The Fowler baseball team was primed and ready to go for this game. Even though most of the team had just gotten back from a senior trip that many did not get much sleep on they would be unphased. Dansville put a scare into the Fowler baseball team as they would go up 4 to 0 after the first half inning but that is all they would get. The next half inning the eagles would stay on their hot streak and bat in 5 runs off numerous hits. After that the eagles would settle in for pitcher Dan Buhr and no more runs would be given up to the Aggie offense. The eagles on the other hand would keep on rolling. Fowler would keep the bats going in the next 4 innings to mercy the aggies in five innings with a score of 14 to 4. The MVP of this game goes out to Napoleon Watts he went 4 for 5 in this game and had 4 RBIs. The next game would not be as easy of a game for the eagles of Fowler. Dansville would pitch their ace Garrett Soul and he was on. He shut out the eagles until the third inning but then it was over for Mr. Soul. The fourth inning was a huge inning for the eagles as they would pull away from the aggies and score 5 runs. The aggies would try scoring some of their own runs the next half inning but were denied by starting pitcher Tyler K-13. Tyler would pitch a gem of a game and only give up one run. The eagles would go on to score 6 more runs and win the game 11 to 1. The MVP of the second game has to go out to Tyler K-13 for the near flawless performance he pitched against the aggies. This is all I got for you today but look for the eagles in the paper or come and see them play as they travel to Saginaw to compete in the Saginaw Novel Tournament and stride to become, “The best ever.”


They’re Back!

Thursday the Fowler Eagles showed why they are still one of the best teams in the league as they took two games from Potterville in Pottervile. The first game was a nail biter as the eagles squeaked by with a 2  to 1 victory. The eagles had their ace Jacob Schmitt on the mound against Potterville’s ace Sam Traver. Both pitchers were  looking very strong the as either team could not buy a hit until the eagles would strike in the 3rd inning scoring both of their runs. Daniel Buhr and Trent Goerge would score off of a single by Jaxsen Klien. The vikings would not bow down though as they would score a run of their own in the 4th inning off of a double. After that run Jacob Schmitt would settle in and shut out Potterville from there. The vikings would not score another run and Fowler would take home the W. The MVP of this game has to be Jaxsen Klien for hitting in the two crucial runs that would lead to the eagles victory. The second game was a lot less stressful as the eagles bats would come alive. With Freshman pitcher Jacob Hamilton starting his first ever high school game the eagles thought they would need a lot of runs. The eagles would put up a five spot on the  vikings in the very first inning and score 4 more runs in the game. Then it was Hamilton’s turn to take the mound and he would have one heck of a day. Hamilton did not give up a single run and pitched all seven innings. He looked just as calm as any other pitcher I’ve seen this year and dominated the viking hitters. The eagles would win the game in seven innings with a score of 9 to 0. The MVP of this game has to be Jacob Hamilton as he got his first high school win and looked dang good doing it not giving up a single run. Look for the eagles on Saturday as they host the Fowler Invite and will be playing the Ashley Bears at 9:30 at Fowler. Look for the eagles in the paper or come on down and watch a game as they stride to become, “The best ever.”

Bees Pitching to Strong

This a picture of Daniel Buhr Pitching against Bath on Monday. Picture taken by Kevin Fowler of the Lansing State Journal.

This a picture of Daniel Buhr Pitching against Bath on Monday.
Picture taken by Kevin Fowler of the Lansing State Journal.

It was a rough day for the Eagles of Fowler as they played the Bath Bees yesterday in two games at Bath. The first game was a really intense close game even though the score may not show it as the eagles lost 7 to 0. The eagles kept it close the entire game as they got some great pitching from Dan Buhr. Buhr threw all 7 innings and if it wasn’t for some very clutch hitting from Bath it could have been a totally different game. Bath had their ace on the mound Ryan Orr and he is something. Orr has not given up a run all season and has pitched 3 no-hitters already. The Fowler boys had some struggles against Orr only getting 2 hits the entire game. With no offense and the Bath Bees hitting on all cylinders it was just not mean’t to be for the eagles. The MVP for the game I would have to give to Daniel Buhr, even though he gave up 7 runs the score was a lot closer then that since Dan was able to pitch all six innings that he had to face the Bees monster line up. The second game would not go very well for the eagles either. The bees had another dominate pitcher to face and he picked up right where Orr left off. Josh Holtham, who is a transfer from Lansing Catholic, was dealing yesterday as he mowed through the eagles line up other then one inning where the eagles were able to get a hold of the ball and score 3 runs. Other then that though the eagles had no answer to the bee’s bats as they would put up 15 runs and mercy the eagles in 6. These weren’t the eagles best games of the year but they will bounce back and show everyone that this will not slow them down from reaching their goals this season. The eagles will be playing the Potterville Vikings on Thursday so look for them in their comeback games as they stride to become, “The best ever.”

For a complete news article of the Fowler vs Bath games go to this link. http://www.usatodayhss.com/lansing/article/pitching-leads-bath-to-a-pair-of-wins-over-fowler–2013304300018

Not Today Ovid-Elsie

What a day for the mighty eagles of Fowler. With bad weather heading towards Ovid Elsie the eagles knew they would have to work fast since they would only barely get one game in. The eagles did not mess around scoring in the first inning making it 2 to 0. Ovid would not back down though scoring one run themselves but that is all they would get as Kevin K-13 would settle in and not allow another run. The eagle bats would come alive after the first inning as they would go on to score 4 runs in the second. Their would be no more scoring until the 5th inning where the eagles would have another big inning  putting up another 4 count and putting the score to 9-1 which the eagles on top. Nap Watts would come in to close out the 6th inning and get a one-two-three inning. That would be the game due to weather, imagine that. The MVP of this game has to be Kevin K-13 for his stellar pitching, only giving up one run and it was his first time all year pitching in a game. The eagles next game will be against the bees of Bath, which is going to be an early indicator of how the league might turn out for both are undefeated in the league. This game will be played Monday 29th so look for the eagles in the paper or come out and watch them play as they stride to become, “The best ever.”

Eagles Soar Past the Pirates

The eagles bats came alive yesterday as they blew by the Fulton pirates. Fowler scored 28 combined runs in both games in their dismantling of pirate pitching. The first game was a pretty flawless game as Fowler scored 5 runs in the very first inning and wouldn’t look back from there. By the 3rd inning the game was 8 to 0 and it looked like the eagles might mercy the pirates in 5 innings. In high school baseball if you are beating a team by 10 after the 5th inning it is considered a mercy and the team up by 10 wins the game before 7 innings. Which Fowler’s ace Dan Buhr being on the mound most people thought this game was over but the pirates would not give up though as they would go on to score 3 runs in the 4th to make the game a 5 run game. Fowler would end up winning the game in the 6th though as they would end up scoring 5 runs that inning and holding the pirates to 0. This would bring the mercy rule into play. The MVP of this game had to be Trent Goerge. Trent played flawlessly in the field and had some great hits scoring in some important runs. The second game did not start so hot for the eagles. The pirates wanted some revenge as their bats came alive the first inning. They would score 4 runs the very first inning as the eagles had some bad errors in the field not giving their starting pitcher Jacob Schmitt any help. But Fowler would come right back and score 3 in the first inning. Then Fowler kicked it in gear and wouldn’t let up. Fulton would’t score another run the next 3 innings and Fowler just piled it on scoring at will. By the 5th inning it was 13 to 4. Then the next inning the eagles would add two more runs and mercy the pirates. I would give the MVP to the entire team since everyone did their part in getting the win. The eagles are now 4 and 0 and gaining momentum so watch for the eagles in the paper or come and watch them in there next game tomorrow against Ovid-Elsie as the eagles stride to become, “The best ever.”

It’s a Beautiful Day for Baseball!

Can you believe it people it is finally starting to look like spring and is some great baseball weather. The forecast for today’s game is 60 degrees with a little of cloud cover. The Fowler baseball team has when dreaming of a day like today and it finally has arrived. The team will be playing Fulton today in a intense double header. Fulton and Fowler have quite the rivalry that has been built up in the last couple years. Every time these two teams play in any sport it is always a dog fight between the two teams. Fulton is going to be looking for some revenge on the baseball diamond since, Fowler destroyed them in football and beat team in basketball for a district title in the state playoffs. Fulton is still very salty about the loss in basketball because Fowler was quite the underdog in that game but still pulled out the victory. With that fact this game could become very heated for both teams really do not like each other and hates to see the other succeed. With Dan Buhr and Jacob Schmitt on the mound though the pirates are really going to have to bring their A game especially after last weeks performances against  St. Pats. So look for the eagles in the paper tomorrow or maybe come out and see the game at Fulton High School as the Fowler baseball team strides to become, “The best ever.”

Here is a link to the weather for tonight games http://www.weather.com/weather/today/Fowler+MI+48835:4:US

Look Out!

Fowler baseball cannot catch a break this year. Today the team was supposed to play the PW pirates but there is a zero percent chance that will be happening. A tornado watch has assigned to Clinton County. This means all sporting events are definitely canceled and will be rescheduled. This is a real bummer because the games between Fowler and PW are always battles to the final out and would have been a great kick to this weird season. This is the third time the Fowler baseball team has had a game rescheduled because of the weather. I believe the eagles luck will turn around after this week though. From what I have been hearing around the school this upcoming week is supposed to bring a little better weather. This is a good thing because the baseball team has six scheduled games this week! The team will be playing Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. The players better be ready to ice some arms because after this stretch of games their going to need it. Players that are not usually in the pitching rotation will be seeing some action this week because of the amount of games being played. It still should be one fun week for the Fowler baseball team so maybe come out and watch the team or look for them in the paper as they stride to become the best ever.

This is a picture of Trent Goerge swinging at a pitch against PW. Photo taken by Neil Hufnagel

This is a picture of Trent Goerge swinging at a pitch against PW.
Photo taken by Neil Hufnagel